John of God: Portal Experience

Bill and I have just spent the last 18 days in Brasil visiting John of God the Medium and Healer and visiting Iguacu Falls. One can feel the energy coming from John of God and his over 30 entities he channels three days a week. Thousands line up hoping for a miracle as he does surgeries on a physical and spiritual level. You wear white to honor the guides like Dr. Augusto de Almeida, King Solomon and St. Ignatius. Words are inadequate to describe the energy and the consciousness changing by being in his presence with the entities. The whole Casa vibrates and the stories are amazing. Everyone experiences many different types of healing with one touch of his hand. At the end of the month for our Friday night meeting, we shall be talking about our experience with John of God and showing his spectacular property on a bed of crystals and complete with a smaller waterfall that has the energy of the Divine. These Iguacu Falls are 3 km long and make Niagara look like a baby. Come Friday the 27th of March at 7:30 pm at St. James Church in Caledon East and witness this being who is like no other on the planet. Through our talk and power point of his property in Abadiania, Brasil. A visit with him like Oprah did, is life changing. His level of healing the world gives us hope.





You won’t believe what’s in Nashville! 

Besides being a Country Western mecca, Nashville turns out to be a Spiritual Center as well. With the help of William Henry,  Investigative Mythologist, and author. You can attend classes in his hometown or travel to historical places of significance and rediscover these sites.

In Nashville, there is the Temple of Athena which is the Parthenon in Athens Greece, built exactly duplicate to scale. This includes a 44 foot statue of Athena in Gold. There is also Centennial Park which is also known as Stargate Park .There is a replication of our chakras, the history of the earth and 50 pillars expelling music and an ancient tablet of a stargate. The wonderful music and culture in Nashville support a great vibration and exploration.











Medicine Wheel


Our class visited the Medicine Wheel in Heart Lake Park, Brampton.  It was created by the First Nations aboriginal community from Toronto for healing. While there we did a sage cleansing ceremony, chanted, and drummed which allowed channeling of the native spirits who guard this sacred site.

July 26, 2013


Stone Circle in Caledon

We chanted in an authentic Stone Circle in Caledon for healing and helping to balance the Earth. All the stone circles all around the world are connected to the ley lines in the Earth.

June 26, 2013


Spiritual Athletes In Our 4th Dimensional Body

During the Psychic Development class at Caldwell House in Bolton, Ontario on July 25th, 2012, all the participants were feeling off, not themselves, depressed, low energy and generally frustrated with life. In the channelling from Metratron, he conveyed that energetically our 4th dimensional body was available now and we were feeling out of sorts, because we now fit less with our 3rd dimensional body experience in our evolutionary process.

In the class, I suggested the first student grab energetically the 4th dimensional body and pull it to themselves. But, it slipped out of their hands. The channelled advice was to take a physical step into this 4th dimensional body while you visualize with your intention. The result was ecstatic as everyone when they stepped into this 4th dimensional body felt stronger, lighter, joyful, peaceful and many felt they had wings like Angels.

In the channeling, they suggested doing this every day to align ourselves with this new evolution of our spiritual selves as we rush towards the completion of 2012. We have just witnessed magnificent efforts and results at the Olympics, we are spiritual athletes and the completion of our race is spiritual Ascension and mastery which will allow us to heal ourselves and the planet.

August 14, 2012


Run With The New Energy

We are waiting in suspense during this auspicious year 2012 just as the athletes at the Olympics have trained and destiny will declare their future. We want to be in training like the athletes to acclimatize ourselves to the new energy reaching the planet. There have been new crop circles in England looking like our bar codes with downloaded information. Our future is unwritten and it is up to us to be aware and conscience of our possibility of transforming to Christ or Buddha consciousness. It is important to connect to the Universe God/Goddess your choice to absorb and feel renewed reenergised and experience oneness.

August 7th, 2012