Classes and Workshops


Annual Women’s Day

Date: May 27th, 2017

Time: 9:30 – 4:30

Where: St. James Church 6029, Old Church Rd. Caledon East L7C 1H8

Facilitator: Shawna Ross & Dr. Bridget Ross

In the spring , we gather the women of all ages at all places in the spiritual journey to celebrate our Divine Feminine and embrace this power.

There is participation in energy work to connect to the Great Mother as we learn to Mother and nurture ourselves. We tap into Ancient history to understand the nature of our journey as women and the women before us. We do rituals to represent the elements and different forms of energy and emotional healing. There is a short trip to an authentic Stone Circle in the area, to chant and connect with all the Stone Circles on the planet, as they are connected through the Earth ley lines.  We sing and dance and release any limitations by honoring the Divine Feminine within . As women, we can heal our own feminine energy and help to re-balance the female energy on the planet that has been out of balance for thousands of years.

To register please e-mail Shawna – or call 905-838-3366

Cost: $80.00 – 2nd person $60.00  


Sacred dance at our Womans Day with Margaret Grocke.
Sacred dance at our Womans Day with Margaret Grocke.


Womans Day in Caledon, chanting at the Stone Circle