What you can expect in a Counseling Session. In Person or phone consultation. RSW

In an individual consultation, it is a teaching, healing experience to learn to see oneself as an energy being and soul with many choices, which determines how you individually operate with yourself, your family, your relationships and the world. It is recognition that we are multi-dimensional beings having a physical experience with the innate capability to make choices that will serve our higher self to reach our Spiritual Mastery like Buddha and Jesus Christ.

In Healing, what we discover, is that there are so many layers of family and cultural expectations that one cannot easily determine one’s personal belief systems. We tend to carry on family patterns of beliefs whether they are positive or not self serving for many generations. This is a result of our energy fields between our parents and ourselves  as being connected until the age of 13.Thus we pick up  on all their strengths and limitations passed on through each generation. We also as a cultural norm, are not encouraged to express our emotions and often cannot identify our true feelings on many subjects. In school and jobs we have learned to value our action side, mental male side, and are not encouraged to express the creative nurturing psychic side of our being. This is a result of thousands of years of control to limit our understanding our of true Spiritual Self. As a result, often we feel unbalanced,,undervalued and unclear in our life and choices. We  do not take the steps always to remedy the understand ourselves and recognize who we are, what we are and what direction to take as a result of that knowingness.

In an individual session, this process can take many forms and expressions. In individual sessions there is a scan to observe the energy field psychically to give an overall impression of what major issues are suppressing the natural flow of the energy field. This can take place because of Shawna’s psychic abilities which sense and become aware of the auric field and what is happening in your energy bodies that are diminishing your flow.  The idea is to have all chakras and meridian lines flowing perfectly and the body clear of energetic emotional debris. Whenever we get upset, angry or sad, the emotions are caught in the flow of the energy field like a lump and are easily detected with our psychic abilities. This lack of flow, due to clogged unresolved emotional issues and negative thoughts, can cause depression,illness and fatigue. Ultimately, if we do not work on our awareness of identifying our emotional issues and releasing them it will lead to more serious illnesses.Each emotion has a vibrational frequency as indicated in  Power V.S. Force Dr. David Hawkins. Louise Hay was a pioneer in connecting physical issues with our emotions. The Power to Heal your Life.

The reason our Psychic abilities can pick up on the information is because we are acknowledging that we are one with this energetic plane or web called chi, prana ,matrix, or whatever we want to call it. This knowledge is available to all of us, like a library or Internet. Everyone has their own mini library that contains all their incarnations and experience and there is reference to the Main library to the planet called the Akashic Records.When you read anyone or the Akashic Records,  it is done with compassion and without judgment.  The goal in mind is to facilitate reaching your full potential in this lifetime.  This is done by releasing our emotional blocks created in this lifetime and others. We can carry over our emotional blocks from other lifetimes like fear of water between every time we die of our seven energy bodies, we only rid ourselves of the first three which are indicative of our personality and physicality.  In counselling, if a person is open, their past lives can be read to relate the current issues and their significance, and explain feelings and behaviors that do make sense.You might feel a particular attraction to a country, food or people that you have experienced before.

An individual session can be done on the phone identifying your particular issues in the comfort of your home, since we are all connected on an energetic plane.We have to make the time or energy to deal with our life and changing the planet is evolving.

Available Monday to Friday and occasional nights and weekends
**Phone Consultations Also Available**

Cost: $140.00 per Hour Session. Often people will choose to do a 2 hour session. Registered so some companies will cover the counselling.

*Being a registered social worker, some companies will cover the cost of sessions from their benefits programs.

Client’s Experiences & Testimonials

Shawna is amazing! She is warm, caring, and compassionate. By reading some of my family members, (with her incredible psychic abilities!) she gave me guidance. Her pointers about my career were very practical and supportive. She also taught me some exercises to protect and lift my energy level. Her loving and non-judgmental attitude made me feel comfortable all the time. She is truly an outstanding therapist!