Ghosts and Guides

This is an opportunity to learn and connect with the higher realms and explore the astral plane where the Guides, Angels and Ghosts exist.  Just because they are not in physical form and not seen with the physical eyes, they are  very much part of our lives  and can affect our energy field. It is the same concept of electricity , even though it is not seen, we know it exists.  We are  all an electro magnetic field that incorporates and merges with  all types of  energy forms including nature. That is why when people go for walks in Nature they feel so much better because their Energy or Electro Magnetic Field has been cleansed. As people begin to utilise their psychic abilities they will also be able to see, feel and hear Ghosts, guides and Angels. Ancient history accepted the concept of working with the unseen realm of guides Angels or ghosts and then the church interfered and changed the belief system so they could hold  the spiritual  power of connecting to the spiritual realm. In a private session or in the classroom, Shawna will speak about the difference between Angels, Guides and Ghosts . Guides are often with us for most of our lives and we can have anywhere from 4 to 50 depending on your spiritual development. It is when we connect to the higher realm of Angels, or Master teachers that we truly experience  and know love.Shawna can train you how to connect with these guides and gives you messages from them.

Ghosts however are lost on the astral plane and have stayed for a multitude of reasons. It could be to help loved ones or fear of being judged when they cross over. Often ghost do not know they can create the light themselves to cross over.  Shawna and Bill depending on the circumstances help cross them over. The idea of protection will also be addressed so the client understands no ghost can stay against your will, it just needs for you to identify them and make clear boundaries. Often children will see into the astral plane as well as animals as they have not lost the natural skill.